Driving School Instructor Steven


I am the Business Manager at Central West Driver Training. I have been involved in the heavy vehicle industry all my life. I grew up with my dad being the local carrier in a small farming community and learnt to drive a truck before I could drive a car.

I am a qualified heavy vehicle mechanic. I also spent 7 years as a workshop foreman and driving interstate tourist coaches. This involved overnight express, camping safaris and guided tours. I have been involved in the heavy vehicle training and assessing industry since 1992. My hobbies are competing in motorsport - I race a Camaro Sports Sedan - and I like fishing (when time permits).

I am very passionate about what I do. I always seek to get the best out of clients, so as they can go to an employer and show that they really do understand trucks and they can operate a road ranger gearbox. I believe that at Central West Driver Training, we are the best at teaching the necessary skills to operate any heavy vehicle. We are not the cheapest or the fastest but we are the best.

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